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Lake Shore Country Club Staff

Jeff  Wuenstel

Jeff Wuenstel

General Manager
P: 814-833-0894 ext 116
Paul  Schell

Paul Schell

Director of Golf Operations
P: 814-833-0894 ext 137
Eric  Schomske

Eric Schomske

Head Golf Professional
P: 814-833-7822
Nick  Kerner

Nick Kerner

Director of Membership Sales & Community Relations
Tyler  Hart

Tyler Hart

Golf Course Director
P: 814-833-0894
Barb  Fisher

Barb Fisher

P: 814-833-0894 ext 117
Lisa  Wisniewski

Lisa Wisniewski

Catering Director
P: 814-833-0894 ext 111
Jamie  Vollant

Jamie Vollant

Director of Member Services
Joe  Perino

Joe Perino

Executive Chef
Linda  Hayes-McDonald

Linda Hayes-McDonald

Bar Manager
Andy  Findlay

Andy Findlay

Tennis Professional
P: (814) 881-4030

"You cannot compare the location to anything else around. The great lake views are priceless."
- Jill Shawn Wal