Lake Shore Country Club Board

Jarrod  Maleno

Jarrod Maleno

John  Laird

John Laird

Vice President, Golf & Greens, Vice Membership
Rob  Unger

Rob Unger

House Chair, Long Range Planning Chair, Vice Social & Vice Facilities
Chad  Vilushis

Chad Vilushis

Secretary, Pool Chair and By-Laws Chair
Al  Naylor

Al Naylor

Finance Co-Chair
Don  Herbe

Don Herbe

Finance, Golf & Greens Vice
David  Seastone

David Seastone

Tennis Chair, Vice Chair House
Heather  Scobell

Heather Scobell

Social Chair, Vice Pool
Craig  Corsi

Craig Corsi

Membership Chair, Vice Long Range Planning

"This is a great place for weddings and events. The coordinator is amazing, and the food and atmosphere are great."
- Corey Graham