Lake Shore Country Club Board

Don  Herbe

Don Herbe

Vice President, Golf & Greens Chair, Finance Vice Chair
Rob  Brim

Rob Brim

Secretary, House Chair, Social Vice Chair
Scott  Woofter

Scott Woofter

Treasurer, Finance Chair, Pool Chair
Jason  Murphy

Jason Murphy

Facilities Chair
Joe  Lochbaum

Joe Lochbaum

By-Laws Chair, House Vice Chair, Membership Vice Chair
Craig  Corsi

Craig Corsi

Membership Chair, Long Range Planning Chair
Scott  Herron

Scott Herron

Golf and Greens Vice Chair, Tennis Vice Chair
Mike  Szymanski

Mike Szymanski

Social Vice Chair, Golf & Greens Vice Chair

"A couple years ago I moved back to Fairview after living in Laguna Beach, CA for ten years. As soon as I stepped foot into Lake Shore Country Club I knew I was back home."
- Michael Kupniewski